Jan 092001

I’m homeless, hence, I don’t own my own computer. But I own/operate a half dozen businesses that are either completely or partially web-based. This makes Yahoo Mail a godsend!

Yahoo is a full-functioned email service. Not only can you read and send your email, but you may also attach files, set up multiple mail folders, filter mail (either into your folders or directly into the trash), search for keywords to locate messages and check mail from other POP3 accounts. There is an address book feature, you may set up a signature file, mail forwarding, or a vacation response.

Yahoo Mail has been upgraded several times in the last few months. First (and most important to me) the upgraded their standard (free) mailbox size to 6mb from the former 3mb. They also have recently added the option to send your messages via SecureDelivery.com which provides not only encrypted email for security purposes but notifies you when the message has been received.

Additionally, using Yahoo Mail allows you to use the same Yahoo ID for a plethora of other services offered by Yahoo: Yahoo clubs, online photo albums, chat, Instant messenger, PayDirect (online payment similar to PayPal), Yahoo Wallet (store your credit card info once, use anywhere) Yahoo shopping, personals, etc.

I’ve been using Yahoo mail for several years now and I’ve never had a significant problem. My messages arrive/depart in a timely enough fashion to have regular ’email chats’ with friends who work the same odd hours I do. Their server’s never been down for more than 1/2 hour (that I’m aware of) which is one of the reasons many people I know have switched over from Microsoft’s Hotmail. And speaking of Hotmail I also appreciate the fact that Yahoo Mail’s not owned by Microsoft (they generate more then enough revenue as is).

At my job we rent computer time/internet access and I have set dozens of people up with Yahoo accounts. Most find the interface self-explanatory and easy to use (an opinion I share) and I’ve yet to receive a single complaint.

I wholeheartedly recommend Yahoo Mail to anyone seeking a web-based email service.


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