Jan 072001

I signed on with 1EZHost.com in December as a reseller when I got fed up with my old reseller. My priorities: low cost, no content limits, reliable servers, honesty.

1)Low cost:

With rates as low as $0.02/meg of storage and $2.00/gig of transfer they definitely fit in the “budget hosting” category.

2)No Content Limits:

1EZHost allows both adult and ‘controversial’ sites. They’re only requirement is legality.

3)Reliable Servers:

They use Cobalt Raq3i web servers which have been rated the best in the industry at numerous sites with Linux OS and multiple back-up servers.

Their carrier has 24-hour live techs monitoring the servers and they can increase bandwidth within 24hours when necessary. They are also adding a second carrier so that if one has a catastrophic shutdown the other will be able to pick up the slack.

They have full UPS backups and are adding a Generac generator as an additional backup so that even if the power’s out for months at a time your site will be up.


Just reading the ‘Network’ page on their site is a lesson in honesty. I have yet to find them unable to fulfill a single promise or even fail to fulfill the implications in either their site or their emails.

They’ve even been honest enough to tell me that they didn’t know an answer! They did find the answer quickly, however.

My Experience Thus Far:

I sent an inquiry email to 1EZHost around midnight PST and received a response around 6am the same day. I signed up for an account around 9am and it was set up and live by 9am the next day.

A flurry of emails (essentially over reseller issues and my ignorance) were passed back and forth over the next two days. During East Coast business hours response time was between 5 minutes and 3 hours. Anything after about 5pm EST got answered around 8am the next morning. This response time has continued to be my experience on the few occasions I’ve needed to contact them since then.

1EZHost is currently hosting 12 sites for me. Some were set up in less than an hour, all within 36 hours.

While there were a few difficulties getting some unusual (aka unadvertised) features to work properly, I felt the problems were given the staff’s full attention and all were resolved in a timely manner.

Both their site and the SiteAdmin for my sites are attractive and easy to use.

The only possible drawback I see is that they do not offer telephone support at this time. Personally, I hate the telephone and have never used phone support for any product or service, so this wasn’t an issue, though it could be for others. Their email support (as mentioned above) is both timely and useful.


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