Jan 072001

MicroSolutions Backpack CDRW

I use A LOT of different computers at a lot of different places (being homeless will do that you), so when I needed a burner I needed something small, lightweight, fast, and easy to install. The Backpack CDRW from MicroSolutions fit the bill perfectly!


Dimensions: 2 3/16″(h) x 7 1/16″(w) x 11 3/4″(l)
Weight: Burner – < 5lbs
w/ all cables and power supply < 6lbs
I slip mine into a briefcase I got at a thrift store ($3) that holds it and five CDs perfectly.


If there’s a Parallel port, you’re in. Takes all of 60 seconds to pull out the Backpack, plug in the power supply and plug in the parallel cable.
The drivers install in under 2 minutes on most systems.

I use a lot of public access computers (Kinko’s, Library, etc) with various security features and yet have never had a problem getting the Backpack installed and running.


4x Write
4x ReWrite
24x Read
This is the fastest speeds currently available via parallel port. Although some external USB drives advertise higher speeds I’ve never had one operate any faster with even close to the same reliability.

Generally, I’m making multiple copies of audio CDs that average 60 minutes in length. If I copy the original to the hard drive first I can do 10 copies (including installing the burner, all of the disc changes and packing the burner up) in about 3.5 hours.


The most recent one I bought came with Easy CD Creator v4.02 and DirectCD v3.01. Both are quick to install and easy to use.

Most of the time I use the CD Copier portion of Easy CD Creator and it’s as simple as a few clicks to make either a single copy or multiple copies.
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  1. It’s all about DVDs these days 🙂

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