Jan 062001

Review of AllAdvantage.com

I find it difficult to believe people still glorify this program. I tried it recently and found NOTHING to like about it.


1) Their pay rate has been reduced to $0.10/hour

2) You may only be paid for 10 hours per month

3) Their minimum payout has been raised to $50.00

This means that if you sign-up this month (and have no referrals) the earliest you will be qualified for a payout is April 2005!

4) This must be the single most difficult program to get referrals for as it has been around so long and spammed by so many that the vast majority of internet users must have already examined it.

5) Their paybar is the most difficult to keep active of the more than a dozen I’ve tried out. It doesn’t even remain active while pages load, much less while typing email (or epinions :).


I don’t see any reason to join All Advantage. There are probably more then 100 Pay-To-Surf programs currently fighting for your screen space. I recommend Desktop Dollars and Paid To Surf, personally.
Additionally, if you see any PTS review sites that list All Advantage as one of their top ranked, RUN. These people are simply hoping to get more referrals in hopes of squeeking out some tiny bit of revenue from the program.



This review is also posted at epinions.com

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  One Response to “All Dis-Advantage”

  1. I’ve been a member since August of ’99 and did okay, especially since it was free on my part! I’ve been trying to contact them for the last month and keep getting the same automated emails.
    No humans left?
    I keep hearing rumors that they went out of business in the end of December, but I’ve received several AdvantageGrams since that time.
    Thanks for the review & reading this comment!
    bonky@d4mail.com (another PTREM program that NEVER pays!)

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