Jan 022001

A three-disc changer with a burner all in one deck! Man was I excited when this was released. Unfortunately, it has a few problems.


This single stereo component houses a three-disc CD changer and a single disc CD Recorder. The changer has all your standard CD player features (shuffle, random, program, continuous play, play exchange, remote control, CD-Text, etc) plus the Record deck allows compilation CDs to be easily made from a combination of discs in the player and includes such features as 2x dubbing, Automatic Level Control, automatic finalization and A-B custom tracking. The unit also includes separate controls for both the headphone out and microphone in jacks.


I run a small spoken word record label and needed an audio CD recorder as the computers I have access too are unable to handle digital sound. I use both analog and digital four-tracks and output directly to this unit. We do primarily live recordings and then mix them down into compilations for resale at poetry events around the US.


The 3-CD changer allows quick and easy compilation CDs far easier than the single deck CDR770. Making personal mix CDs is easier then ever without needing to dump tracks onto your computer.

The automatic level control is wonderful since we have so many varying sources (pre-recorded CDs by other poets, live analog recordings, live digital recordings, etc). Previous stereo component CD recorders did not have this feature.

The addition of a volume control for the headphone jack is also a major plus that was overlooked in earlier versions.


This is not a fast burner. If you’re looking to make multiple copies of CDs I highly recommend you purchase a computer burner.

I purchased my first unit in October. Within 48 hours I had to return it because the Record deck drawer wouldn’t open. It was replaced immediately. Three days later I had to return the second deck for the same reason. In November I had to return the third deck for repairs of the same problem and met another person returning their unit for the same reason. My current (fourth) deck has made it about six weeks without the problem occurring, so I’m hoping it’s fixed for good.

Why don’t I just return it and get a different product? Because this is the only multi-deck/recorder currently on the consumer market. There are essentially no other items that come close to offer the features of this one.


Great concept, poor execution. Unless you REALLY need the 3-disc changer/recorder in a single unit I recommend you wait until the next generation of these has arrived.

UPDATE (1/6/00):

I was out shopping for a CD jukebox yesterday and discoverd that both JVC and Pioneer now have comparable models! I’m not sure that all the features are the same, but I’d Highly Recommend checking these out before spending money on this likely defective Philips model.

JVC: XL-R5000BK MSRP:$675.00
Pioneer: PDR-W739 MSRP:$725.00

UPDATE (1/20/00)

Further research on the two models listed above proved unfortunate in my case as neither has the track edit feature of the Philips unit. We use this extensively as many of the live CD recordings we do are recorded as one or two long tracks and we need the ability to pull out small sections.

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